Prospective Clients

Concord serves approximately 130 clients with over $45 billion in assets under advisement. Our client base consists of Healthcare Organizations; Religious Organizations; Foundations and Endowments; Corporations and Insurance Companies.

Concord’s average client tenure is over a decade. We believe our long client tenure is due to the quality of our advice and our exceptional service. Concord’s policy of limiting the number of clients per service team, along with integrating research and reporting, has resulted in a long list of satisfied clients. All prospective clients are encouraged to talk with our clientele to gain an understanding of why they value our services.

For questions about Concord’s services please call Lynn Barclay at 609-987-9000, or e-mail Lynn.

To submit an RFP electronically click here, or mail the RFP to:

Lynn Barclay, Director of Business Management
The Concord Advisory Group, Ltd.
700 Alexander Park Suite 203
Princeton, NJ 08540-6351

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